2015 Wacky Warning Labels Contest Winners!

The finalists have been selected, and they’re wackier than ever.  The Wacky Warning Labels™ Contest, which reaches tens of millions of Americans each year, entertains and alarms the nation about the lawsuit-happy culture and the lengths to which companies must go to avoid lawsuits.


Cash prizes of $1,000 for the grand prize, $500 for the second place prize and $250 for the third place prize will be announced during John Stossel’s show on Fox Business Network. 


A ceiling-mounted

smoke alarm warns:


"Silence Feature is intended to temporarily silence the horn while you identify and correct the problem…It will not correct a CO problem or extinguish a fire."


Sent in by Charlene Fairleigh

Eugene, OR


A bag of frozen catfish

pieces warns:


“Contains fish.”


Sent by James Andrews

College Station, TX


One-inch tall water-absorbent grow toy that looks like the Easter Bunny warns:


"This toy is in no way intended to represent living people.  Any resemblance is purely coincidental and not intended to harm anyone."


Sent in by Jacob Eckberg

Hopewell, VA


Patio door warns:


"Door may swing open or closed in windy conditions.  Door could hit person causing injury."


Sent in by Elizabeth Stout

New Orleans, LA


Warning at bowling alley:


"Bowl at your own risk.  Risk of bodily injury is associated with this game."


Sent in by Conor Friedersdorf

Venice, California


Mike Gallagher's National Radio Show

Bob Dorigo Jones and Mike Gallagher discuss how the Wacky Warning Labels contest reveals barriers to entrepreneurship in America!

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Be a WWL Spotter and Win $1,000!

Tell us about the Wacky Warning Labels you spot and if your nominee is chosen the 2014 winner by John Stossel's live television audience on Fox Business in July, you'll win $1,000!

Send an email and picture to:


  Label sent to us by an alert WWL spotter who found this on towels sold by White Company, a retail company in England, known for selling quality linens and household products.

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