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How to Achieve Greater Success in Hiring

National Guard Members and Other Veterans


You can replay the webinar session that was hosted by the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) on February 6th.  The moderator is Heidi Zimmerman, Executive Director of AWT.  The session is 50 minutes long -- you can stop at any time. Read more details below about the session and presenters Stacy Bayton and Erin Voirol.

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Two experts in military recruiting and placement describe specific ways to improve recruiting success. Topics include: 1) Writing job postings to attract veterans; 2) Interpreting military candidate experience and training accurately; 3) Conducting the most productive interviews; 4) Gaining the most from the American Jobs for America’s Heroes campaign and military employment counselors; 5) Avoiding mistakes that cause veterans to turn down your offer.


Stacy Bayton is Chief Operating Officer of both the Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN), and Corporate America Supports You (CASY). She was raised in a military family and served in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve and U.S. Marines before joining MSCCN and CASY. Stacy works with and trains employment counselors in all branches of military service and has helped scores of companies to hire military candidates.

Erin Voirol is the Executive Director of MSCCN and Operations Manager of CASY. She supervises CASY and MSCCN staff in their daily interactions with hundreds of military employment counselors, employers and candidates all over the U.S. Erin is a military spouse and has been recognized by numerous military organizations for her effective work in helping military personnel find civilian jobs.

CASY and MSCCN are unique nonprofit organizations that since 2004 have been providing employment readiness and job placement assistance for all veterans, military spouses, National Guard and reserves, transitioning military, and caregivers of war wounded. Together they have written agreements with all branches of service although they do not receive government funding. In 2014, they placed more than 5,014 Guard members and vets in jobs.

CASY and MSCCN are alliance members, along with the National Guard and Center for America, in the American Jobs for America’s Heroes campaign. Through this campaign, employers are encouraged to post jobs for National Guard members and other veterans at no cost to employers or candidates. CASY and MSCCN manage the distribution of postings directly to hundreds of military employment counselors and work with employers and candidates to achieve matches.


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