Why It is Vital to Post Jobs for

National Guard Members, Veterans

and Spouses


The National Guard is composed of Citizen Soldiers who maintain a dual status as military members and citizens in local communities who pursue a civilian career while remaining at the ready for deployments. The state of the economy has negatively affected the National Guard population, particularly in light of past and future deployments.

These challenges are unique to the National Guard and Reserve Component as members combine both a civilian and a military career in support of our country. Their families provide support to the members of the Guard and Reserve and we acknowledge their sacrifice and contribution to the military mission as well as the need for continued support to empower our military families as they live and contribute to communities all over the nation.

Our military members have much to offer employers. These individuals are trained to lead. They know how to work as part of a team. They understand their contribution to the success of the team. They have a good understanding and appreciation for the importance of authority. They know how to carry out those instructions and follow through.

They are part of an elite section of society who have been screened and welcomed into the military because of their abilities. In addition, the National Guard provides more than 107 types of training, many of which correspond directly to types of skills training provided by companies for their employees.

The life experience spouses and family members have gained while supporting their military member during missions like this can make them excellent potential employees.


As a result of mobilizations, National Guardsmen returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are experiencing a tremendous amount of stress when it comes to the prospect of lack of employment upon their return. For example, the 41st BCT Army National Guard out of Oregon returned from deployment in April 2010 and reported 969 out of approximately 3,000 soldiers faced unemployment. This statistic, a staggering 34%, was obtained at the demobilization station before soldiers had even returned to home station. Once the unit is home for a short time the rate for the unit is expected to rise to as much as 54%.

Current Army National Guard members number approximately 360,000 with 50 percent having spouses. An overall unemployment rate among members of 15% translates into 54,000 unemployed Citizen Soldiers.

The ability of the spouse/family member of the Service Member to find employment is also critical to these Families. Reserve Component (RC) Service Members do not return to a guaranteed job as do their Active Duty (AD) counterparts. The AD Family is guaranteed at least one income. If an RC Service Member returns home to find they are unemployed; suddenly, that family is dependent on a spouse income to put food on the table and provide shelter. The increase in homeless veterans with families is testament to this fact. The implementation of an expanded employment program is of critical importance to National Guard families.

Through this initiative, MSCCN and CFA are making it easier for small and mid-size employers to attract highly skilled, reliable and team-oriented National Guard members to fill open jobs. We hope we can count on you to do your part!



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