Guide for Federal Contractors to

2014 OFCCP Compliance Requirements

Related to Veteran Hiring Under VEVRAA


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Now, this  free publication prepared for the campaign by the law firm of Baker & McKenzie provides a clear and concise understanding written in "business English" along with step-by-step guidance.

It includes links to the OFCCP website for additional resources. Whereas most media articles generalize and leave out key details, this guide includes what you need to know to decide if your company is subject to the new veteran hiring requirements.

  • Overview of VEVRAA

  • Veterans Protected Under VEVRAA

  • National Guard Members Who Are Protected Veterans

  • Obligations of a Contractor Under VEVRAA

  • The Written Affirmative Action Program (AAP)

  • Reporting Requirements

“Businesses that capitalize on the employment of veterans are investing in long-term stability and proven reputations," writes Senator Joe Manchin in the Guide Foreword. 

"They are investing in a network of extraordinary individuals with the training, experience and values every business is searching for. Let’s invest in the future of our nation by connecting business with veterans. The American Jobs for America’s Heroes campaign is an effective resource to help businesses accomplish this goal.”


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