Guide to Organizations Helping Colorado

Employers Hire Veterans, Reservists

and National Guard Members


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This Guide will help Colorado employers to connect more quickly with organizations in Colorado that may be able to help you hire veterans, National Guard members and Reservists for your jobs openings. This first edition is testimony to the many organizations and hundreds of people in Colorado who want to help veterans and service members transition successfully by quickly finding good jobs. Please share free copies with other employers and associations!


The Guide includes up-to-date profiles on the services provided by 14 cooperating organizations in Colorado. Full contact information is also provided, including contact people, phone numbers, addresses and active links for websites and email addresses. (32 page PDF)


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More Ideas to Help You Recruit

Veterans and Service Members



Best Practices Guide for Small Employers in Recruiting and Hiring National Guard Members, Veterans and Reservists

This Edition of the Guide is tailored for smaller employers which rely on smaller HR functions and organization leaders to recruit new employees. It provides short summaries for each of 28 best practices along with suggested action steps and insights to give you a head start and help avoid time-wasting missteps. Links to government agencies and nonprofit resources are included. 20 Pages

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Best Practices Guide for Large Employers in Recruiting and Hiring National Guard Members, Veterans and Reservists

This Edition is for larger employers with more extensive recruiting resources and more formal HR procedures. The Guide presents 35 Best Practices in one-to-two page profiles, including a summary, the rationale and action steps for each. Brief descriptions of initiatives implemented by leading employers are included, as well as links to government and nonprofit resources. 41 Pages.

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CFA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan organization that provides pro bono help to employers and associations to help them increase their hiring of service members and veterans.  Please share copies of CFA's Guides with your network.  For more information, please contact, Steve Nowlan at   Center for America, 250 Willow Springs Drive, Roswell, GA 30075    © 2018 Center for America. All rights reserved.