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Veterans and Reservists


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“This Best Practices Guide, compiled by the Center for America, represents an excellent collection of effective techniques being used by leading employers to achieve success in hiring military candidates. I encourage you to use this as a source book of good ideas to consider as you pursue your organization’s military hiring goals.”


Jeannine Rivet, Executive Vice President, UnitedHealth Group

in the Foreword of the Large Employer Edition of the Guide



Quick Reference Guides for Busy Professionals


Both editions are designed to give you practical high-value ideas, insights and guidance succinctly. You can quickly access best practice profiles for new ideas, or browse through the Guides to review how best to organize your overall military recruiting effort. Share free copies with your colleagues and associations!




Small Employer Edition:  This version of the Guide is tailored for smaller employers which rely on smaller HR functions and organization leaders to recruit new employees. It provides short summaries for each of 28 best practices along with suggested action steps and insights to give you a head start and help avoid time-wasting missteps. Links to government agencies and nonprofit resources are included. 20 Pages.

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Large Employer Edition: This version is for larger employers with more extensive recruiting resources and more formal HR procedures. The Guide presents 35 Best Practices in one-to-two page profiles, including a summary, the rationale and action steps for each. Brief descriptions of initiatives implemented by leading employers are included, as well as links to government and nonprofit resources. 41 Pages.

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Best Practices Sections in Both Guides:

1. Organizing Your Internal Military Hiring Program

2. Recruiting and Interviewing Candidates

3. Providing an Environment that Supports Career Growth

4. Sharing Information with Others


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Comments About the Best Practices Guides


“I’m very glad that Center for America has prepared this Guide. The Guide, which is tailored for small businesses, is full of good ideas and insights about how to bring veterans and Guard members into your company efficiently and successfully.”


Ron Overton, President, Overton Industries, in the Foreword of the Small Employer Edition.


“As the lead national sponsor for the AJAH campaign, Phillips 66 has both contributed to and benefited from the best practices outlined in the Guide. I will be encouraging my peers in Talent Acquisition as well as the entire membership of the Direct Employers Association to use the Guide to help sharpen their ef- forts to recruit and hire veterans and National Guard members.”


Jonathan Rosenberg, Manager, Talent Development, Planning and Acquisition, Phillips 66 and Board member of the DirectEmployers Association (2007-2015)


“The AJAH Best Practices Guide on Military Hiring is a useful resource to employers who are looking for
ways to improve their military recruiting and retention of military candidates.”


E. Colette Nelson, Chief Advocacy Officer, American Subcontractors Association, Inc.


“Many of the members of our association are small employers without dedicated HR staffs. The AJAH Best Practices Guide on military hiring is an invaluable tool for any business owner as a compilation of lessons learned by employers of all sizes on successful recruiting of military candidates.”


Dave Tilstone, President, National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA)


“The AJAH Best Practices Guide on Military Hiring brings together high quality, practical approaches to military recruiting which are designed to help facilitate success for employers of all sizes.”


William E. Gaskin, former President, Precision Metalforming Association (PMA)


“Having served as chief executive officer of a non-profit and of several for-profit companies in diversified manufacturing and biotech, I believe that employers of all sizes will appreciate the AJAH Best Practices Guides for military hiring. The Guides will help employers benchmark their own practices and glean new ideas from this great compilation of “lessons learned” on military recruiting. I hope you will be inspired and ready to take on the challenge of finding highly qualified and dedicated military candidates for your own organizations. Do yourself a favor—hire a veteran, National Guard member or military spouse.”


Dr. Donald B. Rice was the 17th Secretary of the Air Force from 1989-1993, appointed by President George H. W. Bush. He served as chief executive officer of RAND Corporation and headed three for-profit companies in diversified manufacturing and biotech. Dr. Rice has served on numerous boards of directors, including Wells Fargo, Chevron, Amgen, and Vulcan Materials.


“The insights and techniques in both editions of the Guide will help recruiters and business owners save time and avoid mistakes in the recruiting process that sometimes get in the way of good hires. With one million soldiers coming into the civilian workforce over the next five years, we all need to do the best job we can to match our veterans and Guard members to our jobs. These Guides will help!”


Brigadier General (ret) Marianne Watson, former Director of Manpower and Personnel, National Guard Bureau and Vice Chair, Advisory Council, American Jobs for America’s Heroes campaign






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