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Free Interactive Tutorials on Managing Legal Liabilities

= No request to share your identity to participate

= Principle-focused learning

= 20 scenarios and multiple-choice questions

= Real-time feedback, scoring and printouts

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These interactive tutorials will increase the awareness of business and non-profit managers about ways to reduce the likelihood of abusive lawsuits by acting within the law.

These present scenarios you might encounter in your role as a manager and invite you to select the action options that are most in keeping with the law and fair play. You will receive immediate on-screen feedback and learn more about the right choices.

You will not be asked for your identity to take the Tutorials and there is no cost.  No record is kept of your responses or your session beyond the time you spend in the session.  You can print out your session to keep a copy of the questions, your choices and the answers.

You can stop any session and come back to it later as long as you are using the same PC or Mac.  A "cookie" with your session information is downloaded to your computer. (This is a small software file that performs no other task and doesn't affect anything on your computer.)

Thanks for taking these programs and we hope they are interesting and informative!  Give us your comments at the end or send us an email at!

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Recruiting and Hiring

Are you making commitments you don't realize you're making?


Employee Performance Terminations

Will your team's basic mistakes lead to lawsuit awards?


Employee Layoffs

Will you avoid making a bad situation even worse?


Contract Negotiations and Drafting

Will your agreements really protect you like you think they will?


Clear and Effective Writing

Are your written communications a minefield of liabilities?


Managing General Liabilities

  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
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